Impact of atmospheric multi-stressors to coastal marine systems in a changing climate scenario

AMBIEnCE Project

AMBIEnCE offers a unique approach to assess the impact of atmospheric organic and inorganic particles deposition on the functioning of two coastal marine systems which are influenced by different atmospheric inputs, variable in time and intensity: Ria de Aveiro and Tagus Estuary (Fig.1).

map 1
Fig.1. Location of the two coastal marine systems under study.

By using real biogeochemical assemblages, the AMBIEnCE project aims to study over time the effect of potential internal (estuarine species) and external (organic aerosols (OA) inputs) drivers on dissolved organic matter (DOM) and trace metals (TM) composition. Results of this project will provide in-depth knowledge on the chemical features and sources of OA and TM arriving at the marine sites, and explain how these atmospheric multi-stressors impact DOM composition and TM solubility/bioavailability. At long term, innovation created by AMBIEnCE will be maximized in a roadmap so that dissemination of foreground results to society can be optimized. To attain its goals, AMBIEnCE brings together a multidisciplinary team of analytical & environmental chemists and geochemists, with expertise in advanced analytical techniques for profiling complex matrices, and biologists with expertise in environmental toxicology, all from University of Aveiro, and a biochemist from NOVA.ID.FCT with expertise in environmental proteomics.

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